It's Friday. This makes me sad because it means Jason's spring break is nearly over. :( I mean, it will be nice getting back into a daily routine of sleeping, waking, eating, etc. I like routine. Routine makes me happy 93% of the time. What I won't like about the close of our spring break will be the return of that never ending mental game of "Is this productivity?" When you're on a self-declared break from the routine, it's easier to let yourself slide on being productive. It's a break. What are breaks for if not for... breaking? You can do anything you want without (too much) worry of not actually accomplishing work-type stuff. If you want to accomplish such things during break, you can. If you want. For instance, we decided to do our biweekly cleaning of the entire apartment a few days ago. It didn't really feel like work though. It still felt like break because we were doing it when we wanted, at the pace we wanted. Now that our break is just about over, my head is going to immediately switch back to the ever questioning mode of "Is this productive?" The answer to this question determines if the task should be done before or after 5 pm. Here's my problem: If you have 2 tasks that normally fall into the "productive" category, is it less productive to do the one you enjoy more? Sure, there are several variables to consider that could affect the answer to this question, but what's the gut-reaction answer? Right or wrong, my gut tends to answer yes more often than not.

Since moving up to Delaware, our shopping habits have changed a bit. In Tulsa, we'd basically do the majority of our food shopping at Wal-Mart since it was right down the road from our apartment. It was quick and convenient. If we needed something, we just threw on sandals and drove over to Wal-Mart. If we had an impulsive want at 10 pm, we would weigh whether it was worth the 5 minute walk to Wal-Mart. Here in Delaware, however, there are 2 Wal-Marts near us, neither within walking distance. The Super Wal-Mart is in Elkton, MD, and is where we shopped for the first couple of months. For a Wal-Mart, it was surprisingly bright and clean. I liked it. The drive there was also pretty (despite the frequent roadkill), especially in the fall with all of the gorgeous leafy trees. The other Wal-Mart is a bit closer, but about 10 times more Wal-Mart-ish in it's dirtiness and stereotypical employees and customers. So, given these 2 options (longer drive versus ickiness), we decided we needed a new go-to store. We chose Costco. Verdict? Awesome. They sell so much organic stuff, in large quantities, for pretty competitive prices. Their produce quality and selection is great. You can get nearly anything product-wise, plus some. And the topper? They sell organic soy milk in bulk for less than the price of regular milk. Win. A funny side effect of shopping primarily at Costco is that Jason now thinks all non-Costco shopping carts feel toy-like. I laugh at him.

- Friday indicates some form of productivity looming up ahead. Boo.
- Costco. Awesome. Soy milk.

It's April 1st, but I give the above ramblings a 10/10 for authenticity.

To conclude: Why do humans not have a natural (read: bodily) carrying device for multiple children?

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