the e that matters

It doesn't matter how good/enjoyable/productive day I've had working, my day gets 100% better the minute Jason gets home from school. This is especially true on Tuesdays, this semester's long day of the week.

I just had a sudden desire to go out and find a package of orzo or, even better, alphabet pasta.
Mini-golf also sounds good right now. 

Jason and I went bowling (which I just typed as boweling since I'm pretty sure I've typed the word bowel more times this week than you non-doctors have thought about it your entire life) as a part of our Valentine's celebrationy times. I'd forgotten how terrible you could actually execute the throwing of a heavy round object down an oiled lane edged by gutters that magnetically attract (I'm pretty sure) anything you aim towards those pyramidally-placed pins. If I ever had any kind of official "form" whilst bowling, I can officially say I have lost it (perhaps it is hiding somewhere with all of my free time?). I'm tired of mistyping bowel, so consider this topic finished.

We received another update on our little sponsored girl, Zu, and since I'm at a loss for what else to write about, I might as well mention the following excerpt:  "She took part in a calligraphy competition and won third place... She likes rubber bands. She knows many rope skipping techniques and likes skipping barefoot." This made me happy for some reason. 

Jason and I watched Babe the other night. I'd forgotten how much I like that movie. It for sure makes it in my top 5 favorite movies. Marley and Me is still my #1, but Babe is such a rewatchable classic. Love it. 

If I had words to make a day for you,
I'd sing you a morning golden and true.

But just as a heads up, don't watch Babe: Pig in the City, which is the sequel. We watched it once and were sorely disappointed. 

Anyway, life goes on. I think Jason is finishing up his work so I'm going to go pay attention to him. He's more interesting than the internet. :)

Best friends.