one of a kind

Being the lucky girl to have a mathematician as a husband, I get to make everyone jealous by receiving a one of a kind Valentine's card created with Mathematica. Who else can say they've had that honor? It's legit.

When I asked how he did it, he simply replied, "I just used a parametric equation. I'm a function and you're a function. When I plotted you versus me, it came out a heart."

Indeed it did, my love. Indeed it did.

You, sir, are a one of a kind. Let's get married.  <3

this is us. completely.


collector dilemma

How old is too old to start one of those really cool collections of a billion variations of a given item? How many of the particular item do you have to have before you can rightfully call it The Collection? How do you choose between the appeal of collecting adorable buttons or memorably squished pennies or cleverly seasoned salt and pepper shakers? How do you guarantee that you create a Collection and don't just end up owning 4 random cow statues for the rest of your life?

It's a pickle because I have already established so many parameters for my potential Collection that I may never actually start it. But I do so like thinking about it.

The Collection needs to consist of something that is easily obtainable. I do not plan to travel great distances in search of The Item in all of its distinctive forms.

The Collection needs to consist of something that is relatively inexpensive. I dislike spending heaps of money [even assuming I had Heaps at my disposal...] on things that are not necessary.

The Collection needs to consist of something ordinary and not valuable in and of itself. I want the value of the Collection to be based solely on the fact that I truly like each individual piece and not on some predetermined value of each piece.

The Collection needs to consist of something that is easily stored away, possibly in cute little colorful containers that look like tiny barrels [bonus points] that are capable of being stacked to create miniature fortresses for Lego men [double bonus points]. Also, would you believe a Google search for that criteria comes up with absolutely nothing helpful?

The Collection would be seemingly common and yet, hopefully, unique all at once.

I wish to be a Collector.

Whatever will I collect?

these guys apparently don't count as appropriate topic items for The Collection...