Christmas type post

It looks like Christmas is all up on us. Err, upon us. Right. Seems like each year is a little faster than the year before (there's actually an interesting explanation for that around the 3rd minute of this video, though the whole thing is interesting). Anyway it's almost Christmas. We'll be going to Tennessee to see Sharayah's family, which should be fun. We leave soon! We did cut down our own tree again this year. After which, I performed some feats of strength to impress the wife (it worked, by the way). We also made a cool wreath for our door, and made Christmas ornaments by melting bits of crayon inside of a clear hollow ornament. Sharayah has a couple pictures of that and other type Christmas stuff on her facebook. And we went Christmas shopping and bought baby clothes and toys for that salvation army angel tree thing. Sharayah wants all the baby clothes and toys. Not sure how much more of that stuff we can buy before she makes us keep some of it for ourselves (or small people who live with us).

So far, trying to do research has been tough. It's way different from being in a class and being told "know everything in this book." There is no book, no one knows yet what I'm trying to learn. I don't have much interesting to say about that. I'm just working on it.

For some reason Sharayah and I have been watching magic tricks lately on youtube. It's fun to wonder how in the world they do some of the tricks. Lots of them have been on a show called "Penn and Teller: Fool Us", where a magician will come perform a trick for Penn and Teller (and an audience), and try to fool Penn and Teller (who, if you don't know, are very famous and experienced magicians themselves). It's interesting to see which tricks they know immediately and which ones stump them. Actually some of the better tricks they aren't fooled by. Anyway you can just search on youtube to find some. Here, I'll do it for you: link! I'd suggest videos that have a person's name in them rather than the videos that are a whole episode (and you may have to skip past some boring filler about the people before they do a trick). We have also learned a few tricks ourselves. Very easy, silly ones. Because we can't even do basic sleight of hand, so we only do the tricks that rely on math or something.

I just titled my post. Why is "type" spelled with a "y"? Just look at it. Type. It doesn't even look like a real word. Type type type. Nonsense. We should spell it tipe. This has been a Christmas tipe post. Much better. And thus shall it be, forevermore. Amen.