the most wonderful time of the year


  • Fall and all of its colors and leaves and frolicking and all-around gloriousness.
  • Harvest times and festive barns and pumpkin-patch-destroying cows.
  • Thanksgiving food and Thanksgiving people and innumerable Thanksgiving thanksgivings.
  • Never being too warm to cuddle in a huge pile of pillows and blankets.
  • The sawing down of Christmas trees and decorating of such.
  • Our terribly meager but oh-so-happy red and green and sparkly Christmas decor.
  • Christmas music. Christmas music. Christmas music.
  • The Snow Wishes.


  • While I'm typing this blog, I  keep using the foot pedal that I use to play the dictations for work. Needless to say [but obviously I'm still going to (annoyingly) state it], using the foot pedal while doing non-work typing accomplishes nothing except to make me think I'm still working. :/
  • I'm attempting to become ambidextrous in my ability to manipulate a mouse in order to give my left hand something to do on the days when my right hand feels lazy. 
    • It actually significantly increases the time to do... anything.
    • It makes my right hand type as though it's my left and vice versa. 
      • I type sentences like this:  "Ambekixteriyt is gark." Seriously.
  • You have to have at least 3 main bullet points in order to have a legitimate bullet-pointed list. 

One last list:
  • Phil Wickham's Christmas album. Amazing. [The fact that I sometimes let myself think that it's Kevin Max's Christmas album is just an extra perk.]
  • We get to spend a Christmasy week in Tennessee this year with my family. Looking forward to it? Most definitely.
  • Jason has 1.5 weeks left in this semester. Oh my gravy.
  • Speaking of gravy, our refrigerator is absolutely packed with delicious leftovers. I'm pretty sure they'll last us until the Christmas leftovers.

OH MY. I almost forgot to mention:  Come January 13, I and my funnier, furrier, friendlier half will be embarking on our Almost-Five-Years-of-Awesomeness cruise vacation. An entire 9 days of loveliness. So much Excitement. 

I cannot possibly state how much I love this time of year.

this just about describes me.