all the things you want to know

Today is an assortment of things kind of day, so this will be an assortment of things kind of post.

- Fall is in the air. I'm terribly excited. I am compiling a list of all the things I want to do in this beautiful weather. Corn-mazing, apple picking, pumpkin hunting... My insides are ecstatic. And the most exciting part is that it all leads up to Winter and the Christmas season. Somehow having two kids this year makes the approach of Christmas that much more appealing. Come, Fall, come!

- Lucas turns 3 in 3 days. How is this happening? I asked him what he wanted to eat for his birthday meal.
Lucas: "Banana muffins!"
Me: "Yes, you'll get a banana muffin, but do you want a special birthday meal?"
Lucas: "Umm... yes."
Me: "...what do you want?"
Lucas: "Umm... I will tell you on my birthday. On September 14th!"
I'll try again tomorrow.

- I really shouldn't be allowed to interact with the public. The other day I met one of Jason's former students and I'm pretty sure two of my three contributions to our "conversation" were "Who are you?" and "What are you doing here?" Who knew "What's your name?" and "What brings you back to MBU?" were such hard-to-phrase questions. Apparently I am only capable of talking to someone if they are a toddler or younger... My profuse apologies to anyone who encounters me in public at random. I promise I'm a nice person.

- With the cooler weather these past few weeks, I have been taking the boys out for brisk stroller jaunts whenever naps and motivation and moods happen to line up favorably. This morning we did almost 4 miles and, let me tell you, even with a relatively light double stroller (about 27 pounds) it is no joke pushing these guys up and down and around. With Lucas's 31 pounds and Finley's 16, it's a 70+ pound load and the smallest of hills feels like Mount Everest. One hill in particular I regularly consider telling Lucas to hop out and help push...

- I get such a sense of pleasure and accomplishment when I fill up another journal. The one I just finished is particularly special since it begins with "I think I'm ready for another baby" and ends with "Oh how I love this new baby." It contains the entire journey and I love it. Lucas helped me pick out my next journal... which is why I will now be writing in a book with a large skunk on the cover and pink and grey accent stripes. [Honestly, I love it.]

- Finley slept two 5-hour stretches last night. This would have been unheard of in Lucas's baby days. I think God knew what He was doing when he decided Lucas would be baby #1 and Finley baby #2, for so many reasons. Thank You, God, for your ever perfect plan.

- You know what makes me abnormally uncomfortable? Adults who are shorter than me. And because of this, I can abnormally quickly spot someone who is shorter than me, even if it's just a smidge. There may have been a woman at Costco, two aisles away, who I nonchalantly sidled up behind so I could prove to Jason that she was indeed shorter than me. Even this made me uncomfortable - not the stalking and sidling, but the four seconds of standing next to her and feeling that inch height difference. I may be abnormal.

And I shall close on that note.