One of us is a ping pong champion. Spoiler alert: It's not me.

I'm not bad at ping pong. Really. I'm not amazing, but I could beat your average random guy off the street.

Sharayah is stupid good at ping pong. She only knows what I've taught her, so that is a limiting factor, but she executes flawlessly. I don't get it. She just doesn't mess up. Tonight, I think she was toying with me. I will demonstrate by outlining two games we played.

We play to 21 and trade off serves every 5 points. In the first game, I ended the first 5 points at 3-2. Next 5 points, she won and we were tied 5-5. It all went downhill from there. I only got 1 point on the rest of the sets of 5, so the rest of the scores were 6-9, 7-13, 8-17, and 9-21. It was a pretty bad loss. She does win most games, but I usually score between 15 and 18.

I know, I know, one bad game doesn't mean anything. She crushed me, but she wasn't toying with me, right? Well, we played again. I won the first set 3-2, then Sharayah wins the second set and we're 5-5. Sharayah remarks that it's the same way we started the previous game, and isn't that funny, and wouldn't it be hilarious if we played the whole game the same way. Oh, yeah, hilarious. Anyway, it wasn't very likely. Like I said, I usually lose, but going 1-4 four times in a row just doesn't happen very often. I usually score over 15, like I said. Well, the next set, I'm down 0-4 and barely squeak out the last point. 6-9. The next set, I scored on the fourth point, so I'm feeling a little more confident. I could ruin this little joke of hers by scoring just one more point. She would have none of it. 7-13. The next set again she holds me until the last point. 8-17. By now I can't believe it. She can just make the score whatever she wants? I score when and only when she wants me to? That's just sad. On the next set, I somehow score on the 3rd point. 9-19. What happened? Had I finally broken out of this slump? No. False hope. As soon as I scored, she says, "Oh look, you can totally stop me. I'd have to score 2 in a row to do it again." Really, 2 in a row? That's not even uncommon in a normal game between us. Still, I gave it my best shot. The last two rallies were pretty long, but she scored on both. 9-21, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Apparently, she really can just make the score whatever she wants, and I really do score when and only when she wants. I have a sneaking suspicion that 9-21 will be the only score for the next several games, until she has pity on me. *sigh*

we've got to get out

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