Vacation, come quickly.

These have been a tough few months. Besides life, school has been harder than ever and much of the time I feel like I'm barely staying above water. It's a strange feeling knowing how much I know about math, probably more than 99.99% of people in the world, and then also understanding that I really just don't know anything compared to how much there is to know. Trying to get a PhD is a good way to spend a lot of time feeling like you just don't know anything.

I need a vacation.

My parents have some sort of Marriott vacation credit that was going to expire before they had a chance to use it, since they're going on David's graduation cruise this summer and won't have enough vacation time to also use the Marriott thing. So my awesome parents said Sharayah and I could use it. Basically you go on this website and there are lots of resorts and you just pick the location and date that you want. Since I only have a week off between finals and my research fellowship, the time was decided for us. So we got to go through all the various locations and pick one. We ended up choosing a place in Williamsburg, Virginia. We'll be staying at Williamsburg Plantation, which I hope is not really a plantation, or at least I don't want to work the fields.

We're getting 7 day passes good for Busch Gardens (the theme park), Water Country USA, and Colonial Williamsburg, which I guess is a part of town where they pretend it's still colonial times and I guess they have a new female blacksmith? I can't remember what that's from. Anyway. There are also parks and lakes and minigolf and horse trails and other things. We'll probably go out on a row boat and maybe go fishing. We'd also be in range of Virginia Beach. Lots of cool things. Probably we will put more details on here sometime later.

David is graduating this weekend. We can't go because ORU apparently ends in April now? And my semester didn't start til the second week of February, so I still have 3 weeks left. Anyway it's pretty cool for him, and he's gonna go to med school and learn to save lives while I ponder about the nature of numbers and things that are like numbers but are they really numbers and what are their properties, and do they retain unique factorization into irreducibles? But anyway, I am sleepy and I think maybe there's some ice cream and a movie in it for me if I end here, so I will go now.

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