things that are crunchy

Last night Jason decided he wanted granola. I thought I needed flour to make granola. We were out of flour. So we went shopping for flour.

We found flour. And fruit. But no step stool. And definitely no thyme. Sigh. We bought the flour (why would stone ground flour be cheaper than non stone ground flour?) and the fruit and returned home.

I found the granola recipe I thought I had used the last time I made the crunchy goodness. It did not need flour. I felt dumb. Jason argued that I was not. I made the granola not according to the recipe (as usual) and put it in the oven.

The recipe not requiring flour was driving me crazy because I was 72% sure I used flour the last time. I did some recipe searching. I found the actual recipe I used the last time. It did require flour. I felt dumb again. Jason argued that I was not.

The granola was not at all like the last batch of granola. But it's still tasty. I had added some banana and apples to it and they tasted splendiferous with the nuts and raisins and oaty goodness. I do not know how this batch will hold up with milk or soy milk, but we will see. If it fails, then it will just be eaten dry. Delicious.

Still on the topic of food, though not granola, we decided to try something new during yesterday's Costco trip. They're called popchips. We had tried them a few times when they were offered as samples and thought they were quite yummy. They're a bit on the expensive side so we could never bring ourselves to buy a bag. But we finally gave in. We bought a bag of popchips. Just to try. Just to see if they're just as awesome at home as they are in those little Costco sample cups. Turns out, they are. Basically, popchips are slices of potatoes that are just... popped. They're like potato chips, but so much more awesome. They claim to not be baked or fried, just popped with heat.  Ingredients are simple and all natural (I like when the ingredient list is short). If I had any complaint, it would be that they have a bit more salt than necessary (though, not more than any other potato chip, I'm sure). Other than that, they are ridiculously tasty and crunchy. Best potato chip ever. Seriously. I doubt that we'll get them very often since they are a bit on the steeper side price-wise, but they were definitely a nice treat. If you ever see them, you should try them. Warning: They are addicting.

Conclusion? Awesome things are those that are crunchy.

Ever wonder what the opposite of crunchy is? See below.

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