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I think Wednesdays are inherently long days. Perhaps it's because they mark the middle of the week. Maybe Wednesdays have to be long and drawn out because once it's over, the rest of the week seems to just disappear. Maybe, secretly, Wednesdays have 25 hours and we're being unknowingly shorted on our Weekend Hours. I will have to look into this.

Wednesday's are particularly long this school semester because Jason is gone from 8am to nearly 6pm. Unpleasant. I miss him for pretty much 8 of those 10 hours (I figure I can't honestly say I am consciously missing him when I'm distracted by bird watching and animal gazing and such).

The PhD pursuit has been particularly difficult this semester. Between attending classes and seminars, neverending homework assignments, and just an overall rough April, Jason can't seem to catch a break of any sort. It makes my insides sad to see him get so caught up in the stress and frustration of it all. I've never been a very good encourager, so I'm not much good in that category. I can attempt to make him tasty things to eat, but my imagination and skill can only go so far. And how can you justify taking someone's mind off of something that is so long term? I greatly dislike not being able to fix someone else's insides. I can't wait until he finishes out this semester. I know he can/will do it. I don't doubt it at all. But how can you convince someone that you know the future? I can try to play the asian card, but I'm afraid he will say it does not apply*. Anyway, all this to say that Jason is the smartest, handsomest, most capable person I know. And I love him. You can do it, babe.

Sometimes it's fun to think of certain aspects of life as a video game. In my case, I have Backyard Birds: Attack of the Hungries. It's pretty amazing. Basically, the storyline is about a small Korean (you can actually pick your own race, gender, etc) who just moved to Delaware (you can also pick your own location at the beginning of the game, which determines the variety of birds available) who is given the opportunity to raise a successful bird habitat. She has various tasks to perform each day to ensure the attraction of new bird flocks and increase of their visit frequency. She is given 1 bag of birdseed to accomplish her mission. When you first start the game, only small birds show up on the Patio. Over time, if you do the right tasks at the right time, you will get upgraded to higher leveled birds. I started off with fluff ball Juncos and have moved on through the ranks of Redinals, Badger Heads, Tall Ones, Meanies, and Rock Spots. My greatest achievement happened the other day. I got upgraded to the epic Purple Chicken**! Obviously, it's not all fun and games. For instance, you have to keep the Wild Indoor Animals from scaring the birds away too frequently. However, if you're really good at Backyard Birds, you'll make your feathered visitors so happy and comfortable that they'll go through their courtship rituals right in front of you. I'm about a month into this game and so far, so good. I predict a lot of happy baby tweeters in the near future. Yes, I am that good at this game. Anyway, if you're looking for a fun, varying, educational way to pass time, BB:AotH is the way to go. Oh the things you can do with a bag of birdseed...

In 13 days, Jason and I will have been married for 3 years. That's, ridiculous. Being married does weird things to your head. I feel like I've been married forever, in such a good way. It's hard to think of pre-Jason years. I mean, sure, obviously he wasn't a part of my pre-college years, but if I don't actually think about the details, it feels like he was. He's so good for me. Jason doesn't finish the school year until May 25th so there's no chance of fitting in any type of Anniversary vacation on or around May 10th. However, we do have something planned for the entire time between when he finishes and when he has to be back for his summer research project. I'm not going to go into details yet because Jason is going to cover it somewhat the next time he writes***. But suffice it to say, it has earned the title of "The Vacation: 2011." Chew on that for a while. I.love.Jason.Robert.Vermette.

Let's see, one last random topic. Jason and I went to a Winter Jam concert a long while ago. Winter Jam is linked with Holt International. Holt International is the agency I was adopted through. While we were at the concert, we decided to sponsor a little South Korean girl. Enter Hui. Cho, Hui Bok to be exact. She was a replica of me 24 years ago. So, so cute. I wanted to eat her, if eating was an acceptable way to show how enraptured you are with a baby. It was a neat connection. We only got to sponsor her for a few months before a family adopted her, which was happy but also a tiny bit sad. In her place they sent us our next sponsor child, Raymonde from Haiti. A little while ago, we decided we wanted to sponsor 2 kids so... enter Zu. A few days ago we got the information packet for Xu, Zu Fen. She's an adorable little 7-year-old from China. She looks ridiculously sweet. In the picture we received of her, she's wearing a pink shirt with a fluffy gray cat on it. It could be a characterized Puma. Whenever I look at her picture, I just wish I could keep her and give her a home and fluffy cats and teach her to dance. But since I cannot, I suppose I shall just pray for a family for her who can.

Listen to David Crowder's "The Glory of It All." That's all.

To summarize all of these completely unrelated ramblings:
- I'm not a fan of Wednesdays.
- Purple Chickens are not the peak of the iceberg, but they're pretty close.
- Marriage = incredible beyond words.
- Holt International: Good organization.

Try not to laugh at the following series of pictures. And just hear "OBOY OBOY HERE I GO HYUP HYUP LEMMIE ATTEM HERP DERP" inside your head as you gaze on in wonder.

*The asian card always applies.
**Accurate names are not guaranteed.
***Now that I've set him up, he has to blog sometime soon. :)

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