Phones, typing, and the adventures of milk-beard.

Well, it occurs to me that Sharayah's last post would have been a much better first post than my first post. Oh well, that's the way it goes.

We got our new phones today. I think we're all done transitioning everything from the old phones. I'm pretty happy with our choice. I say choice instead of choices because we got identical models of phones again. This time, however, they're both the same color, so that should be interesting. We ended up choosing the LG Neon II, as it seemed to be the best phone they offered for free. Full keyboard and threaded texting, which is one thing our old phones was missing. It's also much faster than our old phones, by which I mean you don't have to sit there waiting for various screens to load or actions to perform after you push the button. It's no Captivate, but overall we're satisfied.

Recently I made the decision to start typing correctly. Now, I never learned to type, but using whatever you want to call my old method I typed about 60 wpm. I had memorized the keyboard by rote, but for the most part I only used my index and middle fingers on each hand. Kind of clumsy, and my hands had to move pretty quickly to achieve the 60 wpm. At any rate, I asked Sharayah which fingers were supposed to hit which keys, and since it turned out to be pretty much what you'd expect, I tried it out. It still feels a little odd, but it's definitely a lot less effort involved in typing quickly. I really didn't think it'd make any difference, and for the record so far I don't type any faster, but I do have to admit that you barely have to move to type this way, so I suppose that's a perk. The downside is it makes my left hand, especially the ring and little fingers, kinda sore for some reason. I guess maybe my right hand had been doing more of the work before. And why is the bottom row shifted so far to the right? It makes it too hard to hit z,x,c correctly. Look at your keyboard. The offset between the q-row and the a-row is so much less than between the a-row and the z-row. What is the deal with that? Dumb. Still, I can type that much better without looking and my wife makes fun of me less, so at the end of the day it's a win.

Oh yeah, the super-cookie continues to please. Except last night I was on my last bite, and I was trying to dip it in the milk, so I had a really flimsy grasp on the tip, and as I pulled it out of my milk, it broke off and went "ploop!" and splashed milk into my beard. It was devastating. But I drank it out (the cookie out of the milk, not the milk out of the beard) and everything turned out ok.

there was no thief

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