Night of the super-cookie

So we have this bag of birdseed, and Sharayah tosses out a handful in the mornings, and then for the rest of the day we have intermittent feedings by groups of 5-10 birds at a time. Mostly cardinals and what we've determined to be dark-eyed juncos. The point being, every hour or so Puma runs at the window from across the room and slams into it, scaring them all away (it's a sliding door window, so he can see the birds hopping around eating on the ground). It's pretty much awesome. Cats are apparently not too bright about how windows work, especially when they're struck by primal instincts.

Sharayah made peanut butter cookies tonight. As usual they're delicious, but there was a bonus this time. Apparently this particular recipe caused them to expand more than expected, or she placed them too close together or something, but they all melded together into one giant super-cookie in the oven. So I have yummy fragments of super-cookie to look forward to for the next several days.

We're getting new phones in a few days, we were scheduled for another upgrade. We've managed once again to avoid the smartphone epidemic. It's not that I don't want one, but $25-$30 extra per month each is just not worth it. I'd get a smartphone and only use internet on wifi, but of course they have their stupid scheme where you're required to get a data plan or they won't let you use a smartphone. Oddly enough you're allowed a texting phone (yes there are phones specifically made for texting) without a text plan. I don't know what else to say about it. Communications companies are all pretty much lame.

Break continues to be a break. I think I will go read a book, because I finally have time to do so.

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