The first post.

Well then. I suppose this needs a proper introduction. This is a blog we decided to make to post things. I'll probably post boring math things, and Sharayah will just post pictures of baby animals and stories about our cats. You have been warned. Anyway, just to preserve it (and because it is a good introduction to us, although none of the rest of our posts will ever live up to it), here is the beginning of our story. You'll find that it doesn't quite catch us up to the present. We may do that later, or just leave you hanging. You know how television writing is these days.

This is also the official announcement of the death of my (and thus all the rest) xanga. Just in case anyone was waiting on that next post I promised. I will not be writing it.

Right now it's spring break and I'm getting some much needed rest from studying more math than you want to know about. It shall be a week of ping pong and other relaxing things. I should never have taught Sharayah how to curve the ping pong ball, because it's been 4 games since then and I no longer stand any chance of ever beating her again.

Anyway. We'll try to update this thing with some regularity with the minutia of our life. You are free to read or get bored and leave as you please.

I am standing in the need

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