Ambidextrous, one-legged, toe-socked (almost) Champion

Oh, so many random things to say. I'm 100% sure that even if our names weren't automatically attached to the bottom (or top if read via Google Reader) of each post, there is no way anyone could possibly get confused on who wrote what. For instance, I doubt that Jason would ever write about an ambidextrous, one-legged, toe-socked Champion. Nope, he wouldn't. But I will. Right now.

Ping-pong is an amazing way to accomplish several things at once. You can 1) hit things at someone you love while laying down level III smack talk, 2) unwind from any frustrations or stress without spending too much time away from more productive things, and 3) get a pretty good workout. There are 2 ways to achieve the 3rd benefit. You can either be a particularly hardcore ping-pong player OR you can do what I did tonight:

- Put on a pair of toe socks for extra stability.
- Alternate the hand that holds the paddle each time you hit the ball.
- Alternating legs, kick your foot above your head each time you hit the ball.

It's intense. I haven't quite perfected the technique so I lost 16-21, but that's not the point. The point is that I nearly became an ambidextrous one-legged, toe-socked ping-pong Champion. I was this close. The drawback to this style of playing is that it gets you really hyper (kicking wildly about generally does) and so the unlucky shots become approximately 7.3% more frequent. So, in summary: Would you rather win 7 out of 8 ping-pong matches in a normal fashion or 5 out of 6 games while getting a ridiculously hilarious workout? Yeah, think about it. I've made my decision.

On a non-ping-pong-related note, we watched Megamind tonight. Blue-headed super-villain-turned-hero? Check. It was a fun movie. We laughed. We didn't cry. We ate some rice. Good times.

So far, Jason's spring break (and thus, mine) has been perfectly lovely. We made a text file that includes all of the things we want to do during this nearly nonproductive week. It includes things such as puzzling, guitar playing, and hopefully getting a haircut. I wish I knew how to decently cut my own hair. I suppose I could try since the cats and Jason are the only ones that see me regularly, but I'm pretty sure it would be horrendous. And even if I did know how to physically cut it, I would still have the problem of figuring out what "style" to cut it in (does "shorter" count as a style?). So I shall keep putting it off until I get an idea or am forced otherwise.

Other things of note today:
- Since I worked on transcription stuff today, Jason did the dishes for me. He's such a keeper.
- Stores sell outdoor birdseed specifically for the types of birds in your particular region of the country. A $4, 10-lb bag of cardinal seed will provide Puma with an extra exciting window-stalking experience.
- I think Jason is the funniest man I know.

To conclude: One of these things is not like the others...


  1. gah! spoiler alert!

    also, you don't know yet the success rating of your new style. so far you are 0 for 1.

  2. Yes Sharayah, I did know just by the title who wrote this post. I was not disappointed.