Purpose -> Random.

I just scratched my face by putting my fingers against my cheek and shaking my head up and down. I don't know why I did it. It was really, really... odd.

The purpose of this blog in its simplest form is to give people, who are not living in the grand state of Delaware, little random glimpses into our life, while also give me and Jason something to look back on.

I want to touch on the latter purpose. On an entertainment scale of 1 to 10, it's about an 8 to go back and read things you've written in the past, preferably things over 5 years old. Sometimes the seemingly mundane things in life are the most entertaining after they've been allowed a few years to marinate. The little things that seemed insurmountable are now, well, mounted. The incredibly subtle changes in your mindset and priorities are suddenly incredibly obvious, whether positive or negative. I just think it's neat being able to look back, being reminded of your past, and having that 100% guarantee that the Story ends well despite all of the twists and turns. It's neat because you're currently living in the present state of the ending. Of course, this means that 5 years from now I'll be laughing at the me of now, but I'm OK with that since my 2021 self will no doubt be laughing hardest of all. Am I odd? Yes, but moving on.

Sure, an online blog isn't exactly the ideal medium for the hopefully-someday-reflective-story-telling-of-life, but it's something. We probably won't think to type much that could even loosely be considered serious or crucial life material, but it doesn't matter. Our blog will supply small glimpses. And, over enough time, the small glimpses will become a Big Picture (just as a heads-up, the Big Picture just may be really cool to look at [which reminds me of this awesome sheep video]), and in 5 years, we will get to smile at it (with our 7 children [although, probably not all 7 will be manufactured by then, but that's just a minor detail]). Fingers crossed that we stick with it.

- Since life in SD would take 6500 DVRs to record, it is more reasonable to just write about bits and pieces in an online blog (or a journal for more serious topics).
- Sheep herding should seriously become an Olympic sport.
- Seven kids in 5 years is not a statistically probable outcome.
- Flighty thoughts, an unclear goal, backspacing two words for every three written, and a warm, sleepy inside makes for a very poorly expressed post with the grammatical structure of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. My apologies.

Something to sleep on: Bunnies - why did I never have one as a pet?

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