The big news

So, you've probably heard the news and seen the pictures. There's a little person growing in Sharayah. We'll be meeting him or her in September. We're obviously super excited for the times to come.

It wasn't easy for us to keep the news a secret for so long. As soon as we heard the heartbeat and saw the ultrasound, it was all we could do to keep from telling the world. The day we saw the ultrasound, we made a video to tell Sharayah's parents. Since they live too far away to tell them in person, our plan was to send them a pair of baby shoes in the mail with a link to the video with the news (why we already had a pair of baby shoes is another story). But, about 3 minutes after making the video, we couldn't take it anymore. We immediately sent them the link online and kept the shoes, waiting anxiously to get a call from them to share in our excitement.

For my parents, the next weekend was their joint birthday celebration, so we were determined to wait for that to tell them. We made an awesome birthday card with multiple pages of amazing crayon-drawn stick-people. At the very end, after the nice note wishing them a happy birthday, was a secret bonus page with the news. Trying to coordinate their birthday plans all week without revealing that we had big news and were planning to hijack their party was crazy hard, but we made it. Then, before we got to the card, my grandma informs us that she would like great-grandchildren from us soon. I had to play dumb like she was putting on the pressure and we just weren't ready yet. In the end, I think the surprise went off really well.

Over the weeks we've been writing secret blogs about it that we haven't been able to put up here. Actually, most of them are Sharayah, and they're really good. Apparently she's better than I am at expressing her feelings. Anyway, probably most of them will be added in the coming weeks with time stamps indicating when they were actually written.

Now, if you're starting to worry that this is another general life story blog that's suddenly going to turn into a blog by some parents constantly talking about their kids, you have nothing to worry about. By that, I mean it's definitely going to happen, so don't worry about it. Neither of us thinks there's anything wrong with parents' lives mostly revolving around their kids, so as we continue to tell our life story here, that's what you're going to hear about.

I suppose the blog will need a name change, as well. Yes, we'll have to rename it "The Mathematician and His Asians." Sounds about right. Has a nice ring to it.

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  1. Oh, and you will also have to change your "Us in 64 Words." display on the left of the blog!