assortment of things

Last day of February. How did this happen.

Thing One:  We are beginning the process of de-Christmas-fying our apartment. Yes, we realize tomorrow is the first of March. Yes, we realize Christmas was over 2 months ago. But, more importantly, Jason realizes how much I love Christmas and all things wintery. It seems to make perfectly good sense that Winter = Christmas and so why shouldn't that lovely tree and twinkling lights stay around for the 3-month winter period? Good sense, I say.

Thing Two:  Following an argument to its logical end needs to be done more often. Seriously, folks.

Thing Three:  I am participating in Goodreads Reading Challenge this year. Honestly, I'm mostly doing it out of curiosity to see how many books I leisurely read in a given year rather than pushing myself to read more. I have a very modest goal of 75 books. I promise I will not include non-chapter/picture books. We will see how that goes.

Thing Four:  I am starting to get desires for a vacation. We have zero plans so far. This will not do. I still wish to relive my childhood memories of Disney World [especially since Jason has little to no memories of his Disney experiences], but I doubt this will be the year for that. So I will set my sights on something more probable. Maybe some place woodsy. Hmm...

Thing Five:  Yes, Jesus loved and served everyone. I just find it hard to believe that His love was manifested in sugarcoating sin and that He served by participating in the sin of others. No, love is not condemnation and hate. But, on the other hand, love does not always mean feelings of acceptance and happiness. It just doesn't. God is Love. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. So, in a way, Love is Truth. The argument seems to inevitably come down to "Jesus is Love. What is love?" I think an equally valid question is, "Jesus is Truth. What is truth?" Everything is not relative. There are absolutes.

Thing Six:  Tomorrow, there will be a Big Birthday Bash Brunch for Jason's parents. They will be served food [which will hopefully be edible]. They will wear party hats. They will eat cake. They will open cards and/or gifts. They may or may not play a round of Pin the Tail on the Grandparents. Fun will be had. It is a requirement. FUN WILL BE HAD. No exceptions. End of story.

Thing Seven:  There is an obese pigeon on our patio.

To March!

Post-party pass-out.

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