Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Looks like someone dropped the ball. We have not been blogging. Let's see, let's take a look back and see whose turn it was? Who do we blame? Hmm... it seems Sharayah wrote 11 of the last 12 posts. That's not so good for me. Hmm. Ok, now to spin it in my favor:

It looks like a post was due some time ago, and the chances of any given post being written by Sharayah is (recently) over 91%, so it's safe to say there's a 91% chance that Sharayah was supposed to write another post and put it up here, and she just left you guys hanging can you believe that who does that?

Anyway, since it looks like everything's up to me now around here, I'll take one for the team and update the ol' blog.

Since we last met our heroes, the kicking has commenced. Each day we get to feel little "bloopies" as we call them, especially right when we wake up and right before we go to bed. I'm not sure how the kpluBlet knows we're going to bed, but gender specific pronoun redacted kicks more at bedtime than any other time. When the bloopies first started, obviously they were really small and only Sharayah could feel them. I was really jealous, but eventually the kicks got strong enough for me to feel them. It's a pretty bizarre feeling. I can't say what it's like for Sharayah feeling it from inside and out, but just feeling her stomach nudging my hand is... crazy. Heh, I was about to say sometimes it feels as though there's something alive in there moving around. So maybe sometimes the bloopies just feel like exactly what they are. At any rate, it's really cool to have a daily connection with the kpluBlet. Sometimes we can get bloopies on demand! Redacted really seems to like to kick when we sing certain songs. I know it could be a coincidence, but sometimes we definitely feel the bloopies at a certain point in this one silly song...

Sharayah is also showing a bit now, which is also cool. Right, easy for me to say, I'm the guy so I don't have to feel it, but I really like seeing her carrying the kpluBlet. I just look at the little bump and think, there's my baby. Redacted is right in there, and we can communicate (I can talk or sing and the baby can kick me in the face if I position myself just right. If that's not communication...) So in general, we're really enjoying it so far.

By the way, if you've noticed, I've been removing the baby's gender. This is to build suspense for the big reveal. No longer! I will not do it again. That's right, I'm done redacting. The gender will be revealed... soon. But not yet. But some people already know, so... well, don't feel bad. You'll know soon too (In fact, if you were quick you might have caught an accidental posting of the gender by a relative. If this is the case, don't tell us! Act surprised when we tell you!)

When I wrote up my plan for this blog post (I know, reading it you can't tell there was any plan. Fine, when I wrote up my list of topics to blog about) I included "we need a vacation." Having a baby on the way is awesome, but it is also crazy at times and we know vacations will soon be in short supply, so we knew we needed to take a break and spend some time together just relaxing before the baby arrives. Well, we took care of that before I managed to write the post. In fact, we are relaxing right now, at this very moment. So that just tells you how long it's been my turn to write a post (if you couldn't figure it out already).

In other news, research has been going reasonably well recently. I should be submitting another paper in the next few weeks, and then I have one more problem I want to finish working on. After that I should have enough for a thesis, and I can finish up this thing and get a job. Gotta bring in the dollars for all the Asians that will be running around my house soon. There's already one and a half, who knows where it will end?

Dear tiny little half-Asian kpluBlet,
I can tell you're getting bigger all the time. You have all your parts now, you just need to keep growing. Pretty soon it's going to get a little cramped in there for you. Don't lose hope. Just take your time, look for the light, and when the moment is right... Well, you get the picture.
Still, you should enjoy it in there while you can. You've got such an amazing connection with your mom, and your current home is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. Plus, when else will you be allowed (even encouraged!) to kick your parents as much as you want? Have fun!

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