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In lieu of actually writing anything of worth since my brain is feeling a rare sense of abnormally normal [read: boring] thoughts, here is a list of blog topics that I meant to touch on [or may touch on in the future] at some point but that I may just end up forgetting the context for since I find it's more entertaining to jot down a couple words as a reminder instead of elaborating in a more informative sentence. Following? Good. Let's bullet-point it!

  • Potatoes. [There's a keeper, eh?]
  • Fiery furnace. [Biblical reference maybe?]
  • Heaven. [For a topic as potentially expansive as "heaven," I did not help myself out much here.]
  • You make that choice. [Ooh, this one sounds interesting. However, all that is coming to mind is a picture of Uncle Sam when I read this possible blogging topic... or maybe Smokey Bear? Sigh.]
  • Good-looking actors. [Perhaps this was in reference to Jason's infamous, "Well, <name of some other actor> is no Brad Pitt" declaration?]
  • Love doesn't always feel like "happiness." [Boom.]
  • P as in Peter. [I know this definitely did not have anything to do with Peter Pan or Peter Rabbit... but otherwise, I've got nothing. Ishk.]
  • Am I pretty? A study. [...]

I really wish my brain would print out an invoice of Today's Thoughts. It would entertain me and be oh so helpful.

Another cop-out device for blogging is just posting pictures of things instead of writing about them [unless it is a picture blog, in which case I guess writing instead of posting pictures would be the easy way out?]. So, I will now cover all of our current going-ons with a picture from anything that I consider note-worthy. Follow along, please.

Firstly, progress report on Mario and Luigi. [Yes, yes, this is most definitely note-worthy! We live simple lives with simple joys.] This is their growth through the Month of May. Luigi has sprouted upward at an incredible rate whilst Mario continues his fated horizontal journey. They're fulfilling their destinies!

June trees make May trees look pathetic and sad.
Ever want to see an upside-down Jason in a water droplet? The moment is now.

A little visitor: Mr. Fluffy Pants

On a related note, we are also attempting to make a pepper plant from pepper seeds. As we are not gardeners by any stretch of the imagination, our fingers are crossed. Frustratingly, however, some random cat has decided to make our planters his litter box. I am pretty sure he is a buddy of Panther's who has been roped into making our lives even more cat-poop-filled; a very devious conspiracy created in the deep bowels [pun?] of Panther's vengeful soul. Waking up to cat grossness inside and outside of our home is getting old fast. Though we cannot easily fix Panther's problems, we have managed to maybe cat-proof our outdoor plants with the addition of river rocks [for our trees] and plastic bags [for our sprouting pepper seedlings (until we can river rock them to safety)].

We finally got around to sorting and alphabetizing our CD collection. Despite the sadness brought on by Jason's copy of a CD outing my copy when we had doubles [I love you, Jason], it was a project that brought much satisfaction. Also, fun fact:  Splitting the alphabet in half, our musics amazingly divided in half as well, with a margin of maybe +/- 5 albums. Weird, right?

As Jason wrote about in our last post, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary last month. Five years is a long time, which is pretty cool. I was transported to Lancaster, PA, where we did all sorts of lazy exploring. Jason ate a Whoopie Pie. We admired long johns hanging on clotheslines. Jason ate some Shoo Fly Pie. We pointed out each horse and buggy as if it was the first horse and buggy we had ever seen. Jason ate 4 different kinds of pretzels. We contemplated becoming Amish and participating in Sunday volleyball tournaments. Jason ate chickens and fries and ice cream and 2 pieces of popcorn. It was a good trip. I found it oddly pleasing that my desire to live an Amish-like life wasn't just a childhood whim but something that still held quite an appeal to me even now at the ripe old age of 27*.

And then of course, there was the California Hitching. Flights were flown, bridges were seen, clothes were worn, and food was consumed. In the end, there was [poof!] another Vermette.

There was him. There was her.
There were also these guys.
Marriage x2!

Lastly, I suppose I should re-mention the fact that we are tripping to Wyoming. Lots of driving. New sights. Some math conferencing. We need to start making a packing list or our trip will just be one big, "How in the world did we forget to bring that on a 2-week long semi-vacation in the middle of nowhere?!" However, since this is an event that has not yet occurred, I do not have any accompanying picture. This breaks the pattern of this entire post. This is unacceptable. Nearly illogical. So here is a picture from the past that has nothing to do with Wyoming but has everything to do with life. And such.

Jason doesn't let me play with candles anymore. I feel a little conned now that I think about it.
And that is it for now. I actually did some writing and not just picturing, lo and behold. Success. Anyway, it is relieving indeed to finally have everything caught up to the present. Life may now go back to its regularly scheduled programming. We will continue to DVR it for your viewing pleasure.

You know you enjoy it.

*I am old now. With my birthday month upon me [yes, Jason gets to celebrate the birth of me all month long], I am pretty sure I can feel my bones creaking. It is sobering.

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