secret anniversary trip

Before we begin, I should clarify. The title is perhaps unclear, but it is the trip which is secret, not the anniversary.

So, it's a secret trip for our anniversary. Yesterday was our 5th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, I've been planning a secret trip for this weekend. Technically, Sharayah knows there is a trip, she just doesn't know where we're going or anything we'll be doing when we get there. I have her word that she won't read this blog until we get back, so I can give a rough outline of the plans.

We're going up to the Lancaster, PA area. The main reason to go there was that Sharayah mentioned some time ago that there is some kind of pretzel factory there that she wanted to visit with me. We'll be heading there first and hopefully getting to do a tour and make our own pretzel. Then we'll be headed to the hotel to drop stuff off and check in. After that we'll be going to eat at a local pizza place I picked out (Sharayah had a rare craving for pizza yesterday, and I do not waste such opportunities). Finally, we're going to a double-header baseball game between the Lancaster Barnstormers and the York Revolution. No, it's not minor league baseball. It's a completely separate professional baseball league which I didn't know about until a few days ago. I got us front row seats at 3rd base (easier to do in this league than in the real pros, I imagine).

Tomorrow, we'll be visiting various amish or just farm-type places and exploring the Lancaster area until it's time to come home.

It should be a good time. Don't spoil the surprise.

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