spring tidings

It's so easy to miss the little things in life. The moments. The whispers. The unfurlings.

The small things are important.

I find that some of the most smiling-inspiring moments come when I just... stop. Stop hurrying. Stop worrying. Stop drifting.

Did you know you can smell rain? You can. It is a delicious smell. It's both calming and unbelievably exciting. And when the rain comes, don't run inside. Dance. Twirl. Hands outstretched, face upturned. Peace.

Did you know tiny little Asian girls can't help but sing whimsically nonsensical songs to themselves? They cannot help it*. The songs need not be intelligible, witty, coherent, or in tune. Oblivious-to-the-world wiggling/dancing is likely to be going on simultaneously. Joy.

Did you know that in the span of 4 days, this transformation takes place?

I had no idea. New life takes my breath away. Truly the most awe-inspiring things in life are God-made. Fascination.

It's a shame to let life get cluttered by stress, frustrations, or fears. There is so much goodness to drink in and enjoy. Whenever I let a case of the stomach jumblies [yes, that is a word] start to jumbly up the rest of me, I try to think of the small things. Those things that bring peace, joy, and just utter fascination. Focus on the goodness in the small things and He who is forever good will take care of the big stuff.

With all that said, it's SPRING. Thus, our quarterly blog renovation! Like? Did you have any idea that all those little things in the center of this kind of flower [vague terminology because I sadly have zero knowledge about flower anatomy] had such a distinct pentagon shape?! That little discovery thrilled me for a full 5 minutes. I'm telling you, the little things seriously make my day.

Jason and I have been trying to go to Longwood Gardens each weekend so we can see the transformation of all the buddings into flowerlings [like the one on our background right now!]. So far, I haven't tired of visiting because it really feels like a new place each time we go. They have benches everywhere, so you can even just bring some books and read in super peaceful surroundings. One thing that I really like is that there isn't really a big bunching of benches in one area. Each bench is nicely separated from other benches so you're never sitting there awkwardly avoiding glances with other bench-sitters. Many of the benches are set off in semi-secluded places that allow for more nature immersion and less people annoyance. Ideal.

Spring is here. Smile.

And God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good!

*Based on my study of at least 3 random Asian girls under the age of 4.

This pretty much sums up "little things" and "spring." You're welcome.

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