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Well. I guess I owe you, the reader, aka future me, an apology. It has been too long since I blogged. I am without excuse.

You may recall that I play soccer on a rather unlucky (and also not very good?) soccer team. As a whole we've been getting better but in the leagues we've been playing in we've usually been outmatched. This winter in the indoor league we seemed close to several teams. We went into halftime winning as often as not. Somehow, though, we always ended up losing. That's the unlucky part. Anyway we just started a new season in another indoor league, and I think it's more on par with us. We won our first game 7-0. We didn't play an amazing game, but we played pretty solidly most of the time. It's weird, the team we beat was probably as good as 3 or 4 teams who we've lost to before. Like I said, we're often winning at halftime. For whatever reason, in this game we never fell apart. We never even lapsed long enough for them to score (though much of that is due to our beastly goalie, who is typically the best goalie in whatever league we happen to be playing in. which makes it that much worse for the rest of us when we lose). Anyway, it felt good to finally follow through with a win after a whole season of almost winning almost every game. Hopefully we can be competitive against more of the teams in that league.

Spring is here and we're starting to play tennis again. And by that I mean we played yesterday and today. Shawn played with us yesterday. None of us are any good (though if I recall, Shawn was pretty good back in the day), but it's still pretty fun for some reason. If Sharayah mentions tennis in her next post she will tell you she's better than us, but we're still being lenient with her on the rules, so don't let her fool you. We're big and strong and aren't getting creamed by a beginner little girl. Anyway, hopefully we'll find the time to get plenty of good tennising in for the next few months while it's warm. Then next summer we'll probably hit the pro circuit.

Maths have been pretty tough lately. I'm still working in spectral graph theory, though I've been spending most of my time on a new problem lately. I could try to describe it, but it would just be more gibberish than what I already said. Anyway it's been painstakingly slow, trying to chip away at case after case trying to prove this big theorem. The worst is when you know something is true, you're completely sure, but you can't prove it. Ugh. I'll just keep plugging along.

Our little trees are starting to bud again. We moved them to bigger pots just in time. These new ones are pretty big and should last a few years. Now that they're in the giant pots, they look tiny again, like when we got them last year.

Sharayah has decided to do a silly experiment. I guess she was curious about whether this lotion we have would actually do anything, so she's going to put lotion only on her left leg each day for a week or two and see if she can tell the difference at the end. I don't know how long it should be so that it's a valid test. I'm not actually sure lotion does anything. I guess we'll find out and let you know.

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  1. The lotin will make a difference, her experiment is not silly, just practial...so glad you did not try to explain your math stuff, you are correct, it would be gibberish...so glad ya'll are active and having fun,
    doing stuff with your big bro...sorry I have never met your sweetie, she is special, I know, as she loves you! Wishing you all blessings and happiness(and success with your math stuff) xoxo Miss Ava( :