Being a mom is everything I have ever imagined.

I love carrying a tiny person on my hip and dancing around the room.

I love doing the dishes and feeling a warm, sturdy little body sitting up against the back of my legs. 

I love folding the laundry and having to sort the tiny clothes out from the normal-sized clothes.

I love reaching the end of the day, when Lucas has been sleeping for several hours and I have already started to miss him, and putting on my glasses only to find a perfect little fingerprint on one lens and a slobber smear on the other.

I love seeing the colorful assortment of plastic bowls and spoons drying on the kitchen counter.

I love how packing is a three steps forward, one step back kind of event now - three books in, one book out courtesy of Lucas.

I love the clutter of toys strewn about our living room.

Being a mom is satisfying beyond words.

Even when a goodnight kiss ends up being a curry-scented milk burp on your cheek.

So satisfying.

May I never take my little boy or this life for granted.


Even though I do not personally know the Swindals, I have been following the heartbreaking story of Baby Ollie. My  heart has been so heavy for them these past few weeks. When I heard about Oliver's passing last night, all I wanted to do was hold Lucas and never let him go, never stop thanking God for the health and beauty of my baby boy, never take a moment that I've been given with him for granted. So many prayers for peace and comfort for the family. I pray God is able to fill their hearts and minds with the images and sounds of little Baby Ollie dancing in the fields of heaven.

Even in the midst of pain and sorrow, God is a good God. 

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.


The apple of my eye.

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