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Christmas was good this year. We got some fun stuff, including some cool new board games like:
  • Pandemic - the game where you're all on a team (so everyone loses together!) fighting to stop 4 super-viruses from destroying all life on earth (at least, all human life). By the way, Amazon's description says it takes about an hour to play, but I disagree. You can lose much, much more quickly than that. It's actually quite challenging, but we have won a couple times.
  • Catan: Seafarers - an expansion for Settler's of Catan that adds boats and islands and other things to the game. We haven't played this one yet but we read through the instructions and it sounds like a cool addition to an already great game. There are about 8 different variations you can play using this one expansion.
  • Ticket to Ride - actually, we got this for ourselves with gift cards, but I think that counts. This game is much less stressful than Pandemic, because nobody dies, ever. You just build trains. Ahh. Trains. There are little paths across the US and you have to complete certain train routes between various cities. Now that I think of it, you're probably not building trains; you're building tracks. Unless there are trains that reach from LA to San Francisco. But it looks like you're building a train. (This paragraph was supposed to read "I don't really know how to describe how this game is played, but it's a lot of fun," but Sharayah said I had to make an attempt. So that was my attempt.)
  • Morels - a game about foraging for mushrooms, which Sharayah always wins (because mushrooms), and which my dad thought was a book about safely foraging and eating wild mushrooms when he bought it for us.
We also got a food dehydrator that we're looking forward to trying out, a couple Lego video games, some books, and other cool things from our awesome families. (Oh, also we enjoyed spending time with family). It was a good end to an overall good year.

Since apparently I'm using Sharayah's bullet point style for this post, here are some notables from the past year:

  • Our lovely 5th anniversary cruise, taken 4 months early in January.
  • Many, many trips to Longwood Gardens and the zoo.
  • Our actual 5th anniversary.
  • David and Becky's California wedding.
  • Our epic road trip to Wyoming and the fun times had while there.
  • Visiting the newlyweds in DC and seeing some touristy stuff like the Smithsonian.
  • Part two of the corn maze and the massive pumpkin patch.
  • Our NYC half marathon with breaks for magical pizza.
  • Winning 2nd place in soccer.
  • The snowiest of Christmas tree hunts, and the equally adventurous drive to and from the tree farm.
  • Peyton Manning breaking all kinds of records (most of the ones he didn't already own, and a few of the ones he did).
Yep, it was a pretty good year. So now a new year has begun. Things to do this year:
  • See some cool people get married.
  • Go to a hockey game.
  • Teach classes.
  • Finish PhD research.
  • Work on arithmetic.
  • Become better people.
  • Think of more things to do this year.

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