an open letter (also, snow day)

To the guy who knocked on my door this morning:
Thanks for knocking on my door this morning, and the rest of the doors in my building, asking everyone if they left their car's lights on. I did not answer the door because it was pretty early and I wasn't dressed yet, but through the door I heard you asking the neighbors if they left their car lights on, and it got me thinking. Could I have left my lights on? Not the headlights, since my car beeps incessantly if I leave those on... But the interior lights? Hmmm...

~48 Hours Earlier~

What a perfect day for a snow day. It was Sunday morning, and we were already planning to go to a Christmas tree farm. Each year we go to one of those neat places where you can wander through a forest of Christmas trees, pick one, cut it down yourself, and take it home. We were then planning to go to some sort of horse thing (Sharayah could give more details on that) and then possibly to my parents' house to watch football.

When we woke up, it was just starting to snow. It wasn't sticking, but it's still always fun when it snows. By the time we had eaten breakfast and were ready to leave, it was snowing pretty heavily and starting to build up. We decided to try to follow through on our plans (carefully), and just turn back if the roads got too bad.

By the time we got to the main road, it was snowing like crazy. Cars were leaving pretty good tracks to follow, so we headed toward Pennsylvania and the Christmas tree farm. We turned on the crummy Christmas radio station (we can only find two, and the other is even worse), sang along, and enjoyed the blizzard surrounding our car as we cruised along. We had to go a bit slow, but we made steady progress for quite some time. All around the road we saw the snow continuing to pile deeper. Even on the road, in some places, it was building up. After a while, traffic started to get pretty slow. A few times we were stuck for a long time behind cars that seemed to be stopped for no apparent reason. It seems to me that you should either keep going (maybe slowly) or pull off the road. At any rate, it took forever to get to the tree place, and we were baking in the car (the ice built up too much on the windows if we didn't keep the heat/defrost turned all the way up), but it was enjoyable all the way. Driving through falling snow is pretty fun, as long as the roads are still passable.

When we got to the Christmas tree place, the snow was already a foot deep and still falling. My car was lined with ice around all the windows and everywhere that wasn't a window. We cleared it all off and set out to find the perfect tree.

It was really an adventure just to get from our car to the Christmas tree forest. Tromping through the deep snow through rows and rows of trees, we searched for just the right one. We actually didn't spend too much time getting a tree, since we didn't want my car to freeze while we looked. All the trees were covered in snow, which just made them look that much better. Once we found one we liked, we shook it a bit to see if it also looked good without snow, and set to cutting it down. Either I'm getting better at it, or the saws at the place we used to go to aren't as good, but it came down really fast. We carried it back, tied it to the car, and set off on the next phase of our adventure.

We were going to head somewhere or other to see some horses next, but it was pretty far away, and we didn't know if it would be canceled, and it had already taken us a really long time to go what should have only been 45 minutes, so we decided to skip that part of the plan. We started heading to my parents' house. It turns out, the path to their house was on some less frequently used Pennsylvania roads, those really scenic two-lane roads through farms and Amish country and stuff. It was really pretty, but we had to take it pretty slowly and carefully since the road hadn't been traveled as heavily (and the snow was continuing to fall). Still, we made it safely with only 3 scary moments for Sharayah and none for me (I was driving, so it was less scary for me).

Once there, we shoveled my parents' considerably large driveway (much bigger than it looked, what were we thinking?). I don't think I've ever gotten to shovel a driveway, and Sharayah hadn't either, so we thought it might be fun until the novelty wore off. For Sharayah, I don't think it wore off, and for me it really wasn't so bad (sometimes manual labor is relaxing for me). Anyway, shoveling the driveway is still playing in the snow. We also got to play in the snow with my mom's tiny puppy. Most of the snow was way too deep for him, so we had to stomp some down for him so he wouldn't sink and disappear. Once we finished the driveway, we ran around in their yard through the (quite deep by now) snow. We made a couple snow angels (mine was pretty impressive) and went inside to get warm. Our team won the game, we had some good food and good times, and we headed (carefully) back home.

We realized on the way home that we didn't know where my phone was. We figured it was probably under the seats or somewhere at my parents' house. I didn't remember whether I actually brought it in, but I knew that I didn't have it most of the time I was there. Anyway, the phone never did turn up. The next day (Monday), I had to be at school all day to proctor and then grade exams, so when I got home I turned on the lights in my car to see if I could find my phone. Alas, it was not in the car. Our best guess is that I had it in my coat pocket when we were in the snow, and it fell out when I made the snow angel, since I made a long dive to land where I wanted to make it (so there wouldn't be any footprints), and we know I've lost house keys while making snow angels once before. If that's the case, the phone is, of course, busted, since it's sitting in water and snow. I guess we'll see if it turns up anywhere else.

While I didn't find the phone in the car, I did manage to leave on the interior lights in my car. So, again, thank you kind stranger who knocked on my door this morning. Without you, I would have a missing phone and a dead car battery. I did not answer your knocking, but I do appreciate your considerably generous actions.

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