lame workday pick-me-up

[Title clarification:  It is a pick-me-up for a lame workday, and not a workday pick-me-up that is lame. It is an awesome lame workday pick-me-up. Awesome.]

Commence Pick-Me-Up
1) Plan an awesome vacation.
2) Pretend you didn't plan an awesome vacation.
3) Have a lame workday. [This is the unpleasant part, but it's necessary for the "lame workday" part of the pick-me-up.]
4) Throw your hands up in the air (like you just don't care..?) and sputter, "I'm so tired of work. Let's just... go on an awesome vacation. Now. This weekend."
5) Have your spouse/other familial biped/fluffy four-legged friend [last resort due to the language barrier] declare, "Done. I will make it happen."
6) Start packing [tip:  just do the fun stuff and leave the 10 pairs of clean underwears and other such packing necessities for the 2-hours-before-you-leave time slot].

While not required, if you are able to find someone who can physically pick you up [and preferably spin you around whilst you use squeals of glee to completely rid yourself of the lame workday blues] right after the completion of this awesome mood pick-me-up, take advantage. Well worth it.

No more lame workday frowns. Happy vacation smiles.

Today is the 10th, which means that Jason and I are celebrating our 56 month anniversary (yes, we do months). That's 4 months away from 5 whole years. Or, as Jason just put it, "On Mercury... On March 4th, it would be our 20 year anniversary." Oh wait, that's not really related...

Anyway. Honeymoon 2.0 begins in less than 3 days. I think a Honeymoon every 5 years is reasonable, right? Super stoked. We will be making stops in St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. There will be adventures.

To end:  Life loving Jason is grand. I have never been happier.

Also, we currently have a mouse dangling from our ceiling.

it's Adventure time.

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  1. I hope it is a stuffed cloth mouse. Otherwise, that would be gross. Enjoy the sun for me!